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Prophetic Intercession

For you, your family, your business, your calling, your season. 

Sometimes a prophetic word is just the encouragement we need.

Whether you are seeking a prophetic word for yourself, your family, your business or a friend, our joy is to seek the voice of the Spirit for you. 

Receiving a word will never replace your own seeking God, but God gave us the gift of prophesy, and He said we should all prophesy for building one another up, and for encouragement to one another. 

This is our passion. 

What We Do










Doug Addison.jpg

"Tammy, you have a strong prophetic intercession gift, and that ability to close and open doors in the spirit realm."    ~Doug Addison of InLight Connection

"I invest in many natural tools to help my business run better. It only makes sense that I would invest in the spiritual as well."   ~Seneca Schurbon of Dream Ventures and Freedom Flowers.

Jeremy Lopez.jpg

"Business Intercessor" is such a new kingdom concept! Very cutting edge! Praying prophetically over businesses, people and families is so needed in today's world. The ministry is powerful and life changing! I highly recommend it!   ~Jeremy Lopez 

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