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Prophetic Word

Get a one time word for your personal life, or on a monthly basis.

It will include anything on the Father's heart regarding your life. My prayer is always that I would honor Him with my words and intentions, and bless you with His thoughts toward you. Though we can all hear God for ourselves, the prophetic is a gift (1 Cor 14:1, Rom 12:6) to build  one another up, to encourage and edify. 

Gift A
Prophetic Word

We give what we value. 

There have been birthday's and Christmas's when I have purchased prophetic words for my loved ones. Whether our friends and loved ones are believers or non-believers God knows us each by name.

My belief is that there is an innate desire to hear what God thinks of us, what His plans are for our lives, and what we are here for. 

Giving a prophetic word as a gift is an expression of love and encouragement from your heart, the Father's heart, to theirs.

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