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Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God's voice is my passion.

I believe we all hear His voice, yet some of us have yet to recognize His apart from our own.

For me, getting to know God's voice has been like getting to know a friend. The more time I spend with Him, the more I get to know Him. 

I spent years searching for the narrator of the voice I was hearing, the facilitator of the coincidences I saw play out in my life. I wondered who was giving me the "feelings" I should go this way or that. Once I began to pay attention to those things, the more I saw and heard.

I searched tarot cards, astrology, numerology, runes, and other "spiritual" things. I was desperate for change in my life, the power to set me free from my afflictions. Until one day in my darkest hour I literally cried out the name Jesus, and this flow of energy, love, safety, power, all knowing, all loving and more than I could describe rushed through me like waves, as if that Name had been waiting for me, with me, my entire life.

I've never been the same. I was formally introduced to the One I had been searching for all along.

Since that moment, I have given my life to seeking His voice, whether to be encouraged, for guidance, reassurance, wisdom, love. He is my Everything. 

My passion is that everyone would know their God, and know His voice. One thing I've learned for sure as I have been on this journey of interceding for others, God has an intimate, unique and beautiful way of loving each and every person. I've lifted people up in prayer for years now, and have seen His love unfold toward every walk of life, in a way all in its own unique and beautiful to each person. 

His words are life to me, and my heart's desire is to share His words with anyone and everyone.

In His Name,

Tammy Batchelor

Lin Hall

Lin has always had the desire to lead others to the warmth she has experienced of our Creator's light and love. Over time, the artist in her began to see pictures that held potential and possibilities for those in her prayers. The writer in her desired to express what she was hearing in the Spirit. Lin is now sharing visuals in ways that others can see and imagine. She is learning to meld encouragements from the Father's heart so they can be spoken. Her desire is that these images and words would lift others into joy and strength.

Here's How It Works

I seek God's voice and presence in my life throughout my days, everyday. From the moment I wake up, I'm jotting down my dreams because I feel as though these are conversation starters. I get my coffee and sit in the quiet to listen for Him. My life revolves around His presence. His voice. 

What we do here is seek God's heart pertaining to your life. Your business. Your ministry. Your family. Whatever is on His heart is what we seek. 

I go into in prayer to listen, and then I record what I see and what I hear. I share impressions I get and describe pictures I see playing out in my mind. Sometimes I have understanding of them, and sometimes they are for your understanding as a confirmation to you, or a direction. 

Prophetic words are not meant to replace your relationship with God, or hearing Him for yourself. We are each responsible to pursue our own relationship with God. Prophetic words can be a spring during a dry time, a refreshing encouragement. Prophetic words are meant to build us up, so you'll never hear me prophesying negativity into your life, because I never hear that from His heart. God doesn't show me embarrassing things about people. He is LOVE. 


If you wonder why a person would charge money for a "gift" or to "hear from God", it is the time that is of value. If I weren't doing this with my time I'd be doing something else, which I also do, to pay my bills, put gas in my car, buy food. I sincerely love to bless and encourage others with God's love, I truly do. I value God's voice, and that is evident in my life by the care I give to hearing it. Doing my best to follow it. We all hear God, but I believe He also loves to love one another through one another. No different than the one who is gifted with musical talent and practices that talent to give us all music that we enjoy. Yes, we pay for the music because they steward their gifts to share with us. 

When you order a prophetic word, you'll get a recording in an email. You are encouraged to download that word, and even write those things on a piece of paper to remind yourself as time goes on. Many times, the word unfolds day by day.

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